The most important skill as an assistant

Yesterday marked the first time i've been an assistant for a commercial photographer, Ryan Szulc. Before, I've been assisting Daniel Royer, who is a wedding and headshot photographer and overall business extraordinaire. With Daniel, I learned a great deal about customer service, how to treat clients, what to do when you totally screw up a shoot, and most importantly, how to act when you are in a situation where you don't know what to do next.  When I started with Ryan, I was effectively sent back down to taking out the trash, clearing tables, and moving shooting services, but the most important skill I needed to learn was.... learning how to use the coffee machine and how to make a Latte. These are very, very important things to learn. The commercial environment runs on coffee. To help any potential assistants I've included a video on how to make a proper Americano. Cheers!