Recently I had a meeting with a high end Toronto Editorial Portrait Photographer. During the meeting he mentioned a photographer by the name of Platon, and told me to go look at his work and study off it. 

Platon is a New York based editorial portrait photographer who shoots everyone, from the citizens of Greece , to celebrities and world leaders. He is a photographer for the New Yorker, and has shot numerous covers for Time Magazine.

Platon's style, much like the style i'm developing, is largely inspired by Richard Avedon. Often its black and white, and cross keyed onto a white background. Although our subjects vary vastly in importance, one thing is common place. Our portraits are about our subjects, and focus in on them. 

Finding inspiration is important, it allows us to take a step back from the camera and refresh our creative batteries. I have included a photo of U.S President Barrack Obama. Its one of my favourite portraits, I wish I could have written my Ryerson portfolio essay on this, rather than Yousuf Karsh. I love how this humanizes arguably the most important person in the world. Someone who seems distant, someone we will likely never get the chance to meet, never get the chance to be buddies with. This portrait brings Obama to life, it makes him more than RGB pixels on a television screen.