New Opportunities

This past Tuesday I got the chance to shoot a beautifully furnished  $1.3 million< condominium at 300 Front St. I have to say that this has been one of the best experiences, and something a student doesn't get to do often. 

How did I get the access you might ask? Well, all I did was ask. I find that just being upfront and honest with people when asking for access, increases your chances of getting what you want. I simply told them that I was a student having a difficult time finding locations to shoot for my assignment, its due this coming Friday, and would you be able to help me out. The worst thing they could have said was no, but thankfully they were willing to help me out on such short notice.



Enjoy the view from the 45th floor, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

I would really like the thank Tridel for helping me out on such short notice, you made my week.