Road Trip

Road trips are always fun, I grew up making road trips up to Northern Ontario with my parents or making the 12-hour drive to Richmond, VA. More recently, I did a little day trip up to Huntsville, Ontario with a few friends from high school. It was a fun day.


Images: Fuji X100T & Nikon F100 w/ILFord HP5

Thai Room

This past week I had the opportunity to shoot some menu items from Thai Room for Platterz. (cross promo). The photos came out super rad, and are probably some of my best work to date, hopefully with more to come. 

A quick BTS. 

A quick BTS. 

80 Ward St.

I decided to make use of my Metropass, so I made a trip to Ward St in Toronto to visit an old factory building. This factory was one of Grandfather's first jobs after coming to Canada from Brazil. The factory used to make ceramics, now its used to make video games for Ubisoft. It's nothing spectacular, but its family history. 

Image taken with Fuji X100t

Old Catalogs

I always find myself sitting at my Macbook going back and revisiting old Lightroom catalogs. I've found that it is an important part of my learning as a up and coming photographer. You get to see mistakes made while shooting, and the direct results of that mistake, without a looming deadline over your head.

Working as a music photographer with a tight turn around time, and having a small amount of images due for publish, it is easy to look over good images, because you are looking for the images that best represent the story of the event, not your artistic interpretation of it. Not every good image is suitable to send over to the publication, but they are all great in their own right.

Recently, I found myself going through some photos from Paradise Fears, Against The Current, Matisyahu, and Chromeo, and I found some images I passed over on my first run through. Also, the more you shoot, the more your style changes, so I find that it's a good idea to go back, and re-edit files to fit your current and more refined style and photographic identity. 


- Dan  

Going Local

This past week has been extremely busy. I've been transiting downtown and shooting everyday as well as battling an un-cooperative Macbook. On the last day of shooting, I got the opportunity to photograph at the Steam Whistle Brewery Roundhouse. Being a craft beer aficionado, and Steam Whistle being one of my favourite beers, it would be illogical, to not pair my two loves together. Unfortunately, the Roundhouse was too busy to get any assignment photos, but it definitely was an editorial portfolio booster. From editorial product (Photo) to interiors that highlight their business ethos. It was a fun time. 

Steam Whistle's approach to being asked to help with projects cements my belief in supporting local business', they offer full transparency, and they pulled all stops trying to get me an 'A' on the project. And I commend them for that. 

D800 - Nikkor 24-70 2.8 Natural light with a Silver Card as a go-bo and back light.

D800 - Nikkor 24-70 2.8 Natural light with a Silver Card as a go-bo and back light.

If you're heading down for a Leafs or Jays Game, they are across the street from Rogers Centre, and down the road from the ACC. $6 a pint for beer brewed the same day, you can't go wrong. 

Steam Whistle Brewing The Roundhouse, 255 Bremner Blvd. Toronto, ON, M5V 3M9

New Opportunities

This past Tuesday I got the chance to shoot a beautifully furnished  $1.3 million< condominium at 300 Front St. I have to say that this has been one of the best experiences, and something a student doesn't get to do often. 

How did I get the access you might ask? Well, all I did was ask. I find that just being upfront and honest with people when asking for access, increases your chances of getting what you want. I simply told them that I was a student having a difficult time finding locations to shoot for my assignment, its due this coming Friday, and would you be able to help me out. The worst thing they could have said was no, but thankfully they were willing to help me out on such short notice.



Enjoy the view from the 45th floor, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

I would really like the thank Tridel for helping me out on such short notice, you made my week.

The most important skill as an assistant

Yesterday marked the first time i've been an assistant for a commercial photographer, Ryan Szulc. Before, I've been assisting Daniel Royer, who is a wedding and headshot photographer and overall business extraordinaire. With Daniel, I learned a great deal about customer service, how to treat clients, what to do when you totally screw up a shoot, and most importantly, how to act when you are in a situation where you don't know what to do next.  When I started with Ryan, I was effectively sent back down to taking out the trash, clearing tables, and moving shooting services, but the most important skill I needed to learn was.... learning how to use the coffee machine and how to make a Latte. These are very, very important things to learn. The commercial environment runs on coffee. To help any potential assistants I've included a video on how to make a proper Americano. Cheers!